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After short visit of Michael to SMK N 3 singaraja by the invitation of Nyoman Artaya (International Relation staff )it was found that there was a possibility of him helping the students and teachers to master the photography professionally.

The good will of Michael responded by the Principle of SMK N 3 Singaraja by sending his staff to accompany the participants. The workshop held for three days covering basic material of photography.

The activity was opened by giving the participants some instructions concerning with focus and angle and let them practice both for portrait and landscape objects. After lunch the images taken by the participants were evaluated to find out how well the adjustment of focus and angle made.

The second day became so enjoyable since the participants had mastered focus and angle and followed by light setting which beneficially helped them create the best images they wanted.

The setting consists of aperture, shutter speed, ISO .Those setting are used to create the best images in any condition of light and for motion and still object s.

In the afternoon after break time and lunch the trainees were introduced with  young  journalist of VOA  ( Voice of America )who directed a lot of documentary films, one of them is documentary about conflict in Poso Indonesia that had deeply touched people’s hearts in the world.

She gave an overview of documentary film, and  be glad to rehearse the trainee if there was enough time for the workshop but unfortunately because of the material and rehearsal needed  longer time,Sue needed to arrange other time to come to SMK N3 singaraja to do the project voluntarily. After  the last day all trainees had got competences  of photography and received the certificate from Michael and legalized by the head master of SMK N 3 Singaraja,Mr. Nyoman Suastika,M.Pd.

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